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We all know Taiwan dating from personal experience. Even though we are people, we are also human, and we are a product of our society, which does not educate single taiwan women to succeed in love. In a real sense, we are all taught to think and feel about love in a way that leads taiwanese brides to fail in longterm taiwanese dating. We are taught the soulmate myth, for instance, which has us believe our soulmate will provide us eternal happiness and the absence of problems, difficulties or upsets. How does this prepare us to learn and grow in the face of such challenges? We are blinded by a hopeful fantasy, and given no tools to work with a real world taiwanese women relationship. This myth affects us, even if we know better intellectually. Like most taiwan penpals, we did not know the right tools to overcome our problems. They almost did not make it. But since we had already failed painfully in previous relationships, taiwan brides decided to do something different this time around. We accepted the fact that our unsolvable problems were telling us one very important thing that taiwanese penpals needed to learn new and better tools for communicating and for working through the uncomfortable feelings that seemed to be blocking us. We decided to view problems as opportunities for personal growth and stop blaming beautiful taiwan girls or trying to get the other person to change so we would feel better again. We had to learn to turn things around from the inside out. By looking at what a problem was telling us that we needed to learn. And after a solid year of doing this, things changed dramatically for the better. After a decade of living this intentional relationship, we started calling taiwanese girls soulmates and it is not based on wishful thinking. We know deep in our bones this is so. We have the track record. We have faced big hurdles and discovered how to use them to move us forward.

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