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We all know that sooner or later the korea dating online is over. It may last weeks, months, or even years. But it does end. And then another phase of korean dating begins. Is real life finally entering the equation? Do single korea women somehow just slip away? Sadly, many korea brides look back at a honeymoon only to feel they lost something, the rest of the relationship never quite measuring up to it. Online korea penpals gives us a glimpse of possibility for a relationship. Our coaching work is centered on how beautiful korea girls can make good on that possibility and turn it into a lasting reality. We offer a model, and a pathway to lasting success. The first step on this path is to understand what happens when the honeymoon ends. This is a critical moment in a relationship. How korean girls respond makes a big difference. Korean penpals usually declare the honeymoon is over when problems, challenges, upsets or differences arise. These are normally seen as negative signs. Most single korean brides will look for the cause of these unwanted events. Inevitably, they point the finger at each other. Getting the korean women to change is seen as the way back to the wonderful spontaneous feelings of the honeymoon. This is not a conscious strategy. It is a knee-jerk reaction. Seeing a problem, challenge, upset or differences as a negative sign is the normal thing to do, the conventional wisdom. Unconsciously, most of us do see things according to the conventional wisdom. We may feel that differences attract at first meeting. But after the honeymoon, people normally start to complain about how the other person is. There is a tendency to see the other person as wrong or deficient in character, because they are different. How does this happen? Let us look at the underlying process that turns problems, upsets and differences into road blocks to happiness. It starts when a person says or does something, and the other person gets upset. Then that person says or does something in return, and the first person gets upset. Continuing around the circle, they repeat the process. In a matter of minutes emotions can heat. It can take days or weeks to recover.

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